North Wind


I suppose that in every era, those who believe in Christ feel that they live in an era of non-belief, a time when mankind generally thinks that God is dead, or that God is not to be known intimately, because He is the dread God, with an unsearchable face, vengeful and violently jealous.

This time that we live in now certainly feels that way. A believer in Christ is a joke, or an uneducated babbler, an irrelevant fool whose words are nothing but sound and fury and embarrassment.

The road that the believer goes upon is not an easy road, nor is tit he one that is most obvious. There are few signs here that this is even a true road. It looks as though no one has passed here for many long years. The over-hanging brush has not been cleared away, and there are fallen branches and trees that make the path well-nigh impassable at times. But it is the way.

You know it in your heart, and you can do no other than take the road less traveled.

It is a road of humility, because you will be humiliated. It is a road of reverence for God, but you will not be reverenced or respected. His words will be your words, and few will appreciate those words, for they expose and seek to change lives that don’t seek to be changed.

Are we prepared to take this journey? He will make us so. Are we prepared to allow the winds of adversity to blow on us and shake our lives, so that we can be ready for the work that He puts before us? Those very winds will blow the fragrance of God about, and allow others to see that though we are broken and troubled like everyone else, God works beautiful things into our lives because we hold fast to Him.

“Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.” – Song of Solomon 4:16

It’s a journey that not many are bold enough to take. But it is the way.